Angel Corps

Formerly a partner with a local accounting firm, Rick Maples left his profession when he purchased a small home health care business in 1996. He was joined shortly thereafter by his wife, Dorian, a Registered Nurse and Certified Geriatric Care Manager, who brought with her an experienced nursing career that was devoted to caring for older adults and persons with disabilities.

How It All Began
When Rick and Dorian opened Home Nursing Services in 1996, the couple began noticing that many of their clients didn’t need nursing care as much as they just needed some help around the home. In fact, for many people, getting some help means the difference between staying home or moving.

In September 2001, Angel Corps was opened to fill this niche.

Corps of Angels – The Name
Angel Corps is a compilation of two separate ideas that seemed to mesh together well: angels, which was Dorian’s contribution and the military or Marines Corps, which was something Rick was always interested in.

The name was officially decided upon when the couple was enjoying lunch one afternoon and is intended to reflect the Angel Corps philosophy… that they are in business to offer a Corps of Angels who provide the best care possible to people needing in-home care.

Angel Corps accepts clients on a nondiscriminatory basis and actively participates in our Chamber of Commerce. Please contact us for more information.