Caring For Our Veterans

When Rick Maples completed his tour of duty in the U.S. Navy over 40 years ago, little did he know that one day he would own a business that provides important services to fellow veterans.  Maples served as an officer on a nuclear powered submarine in the 1970s.  After a successful career as a CPA, he founded Home Nursing Services (HNS) in 1995 and Angel Corps (AC) in 2001 and today, manages the businesses along with his wife, Dorian.  AC and HNS provide many local veterans with home health care through the Veteran’s Administration’s Home Based Primary Care Program.

“The health care benefits available to veterans is kind of like a well-kept secret,” says Maples.  “The most important thing is that veterans need to be in the VA health care system.  The local VA and the Veterans Service Officers do a great job if the veteran knows to seek help.  So often, they are completely unaware of their benefits.”

AC and HNS care for veterans in each of the nine counties in northeast Indiana where they operate.  The businesses have offices in Fort Wayne, Auburn, and Bluffton.  The HNS team provides skilled nursing, while Angel Corps provides home health aide and homemaker services.  For many veterans, a couple of visits a week may be the difference between being admitted to a long-term care facility and staying safely at home.

“I really enjoy talking to fellow veterans about their service-especially the older ones,” says Maples.  “My dad was a U.S. Navy pilot during World War II, but rarely talked about his service unless it was with other veterans his own age.  Sometimes I would go with him to the VFW or American Legion and eavesdrop on their stories.  It was fascinating.”

It is an honor and a privilege to give them a little help.  We owe our veterans a great deal, the least of which is to honor these very special elders.

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